Reducing the amount of single use packaging circulating across Australia is a key sustainability goal that will assist with the health of our planet moving forward. What a lot of people don’t realise is that a lot of The Packaging People’s packaging products have been designed to be re-used for secondary purposes to ensure they are better for our environment. 

There are some really cool things our packaging products can be re-used for:
 • Use our cylinder range to store your kitchen staples like flour, sugar, coffee and tea bags

• Plant the earth bags in the ground with a fresh plant or some seeds and watch them grow whilst the bag de-composes beneath the surface

• Use our food grade drums to store food products such as oil, and household essentials like washing detergent

• Use our cylinders as pen holders to keep things organised in the office 

Endless possibilities when it comes to re-useable packaging, and kinder on the environment too.