5 Great Pieces of Packaging Advice for Small Businesses

5 Great Pieces of Packaging Advice for Small Businesses

If you’re an established small business, or your brand is just starting out, these five pieces of advice from the team at The Packaging People will help you get your packaging right. Good packaging will not only protect your product, but will help sell it, too. So, if you find the right balance between cost and benefit, your packaging can work wonders for your business!

Think About Sustainability

Sustainability and reducing the environmental impact of business is becoming increasingly important, for large corporations through to small businesses. Eco-friendly packaging is a great way to show your customers you are committed to sustainability and that you are embedding environmentally sensitive practices into your operations.

Treat Your Product Right

You need your customers to experience your product in its best condition, which is why your packaging is so important. Choose a robust packaging option and consider what kinds of protection your product needs, which is especially important if it’s food or other perishable items.

For any small business, a new customer’s first impressions are incredibly important, so you want to make sure you have packaging that consistently delivers your product at its best. That way, you can have peace of mind that your customers are getting the product you intended, rather than a damaged or degraded version.

Be Consistent with Your Branding

You can use packaging to promote your brand through distinctive design, eye-catching graphics and inventive, accessible copy; all of which can contribute to getting your product noticed.

While your packaging needs to protect your product first, you should also consider how it can be utilised to attract sales and increase the reach of your brand. The Packaging People offer custom printing services to help you add your branding to any of our packaging products.

Stand Out from the Crowd

Your packaging is how most potential customers will first perceive your product, so it needs to stand out, carry your brand identity and tell a story about your company.

You might be an amazing coffee roastery, or a producer of artisanal scented candles, but if your packaging doesn’t set you apart, then you may get lost in the sheer range of competitor products at any given retailer. If you can make it so that your packaging is recognisable anywhere, and unmistakably from your brand, then you will be well on your way to establishing a strong customer base.

Cost-Effectiveness is Key

It’s no good sourcing the perfect packaging to deliver your product in the best condition and stand out to your potential customers, if the cost of that packaging is not actually viable for your business. Find the best packaging you can at a price that still gives you the profit margin you need.

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