5 Food Packaging Trends You Need to Be Aware of

5 Food Packaging Trends You Need to Be Aware of

What are the food packaging trends? In this blog post, The Packaging People take a look at the top food packaging trends you need to be aware of this year, for your brand or business.

Sustainable Food Packaging
Sustainability and environmentally friendly packaging is one of the biggest trends in food packaging today. Concerns for the environment are driving the movement towards environmentally sustainable lifestyles and products. Sustainable packaging should reduce wastage, use recyclable materials, and be biodegradable, or compostable.

The Packaging People have an entire category of packaging products devoted to eco-consciousness. We offer pouches, lining, bags, boxes, and cylinders in environmentally friendly options that are either created from recycled materials, or are home compostable and biodegradable. That means they can decompose into the earth within a season or two, leaving no toxic chemical residue behind.

Find out more about our environmentally friendly food packaging visit our Eco Friendly Packaging page.

Minimalist Food Packaging
Sometimes, less really is more. Both businesses and customers can reap the benefits of minimalist packaging. For businesses, keeping your packaging simple can reduce food packaging costs and labour. For customers, there is less packaging waste to throw out, and the reward of feeling environmentally conscientiousness.

From a design perspective, food packaging with a simple, but thoughtful use of graphic design can make products look less commercial and more custom. This can give the impression that your business is local, boutique, and environmentally aware. Take a look at our eco pouches here.

Ethical Food Packaging
Text: Hand in hand with environmental packaging is ethical packaging. This means that the brand and its affiliates only employ workers under fair and safe working conditions. If your product has some form of fair-trade food certification, this is something that you can include in your packaging branding to promote your product and business.

Durable, Protective Food Packaging
In today’s current environment, many food products are currently delivered to households. If you are sending something through the post, or via a delivery agent, it is often a good idea to have packaging that will protect the product through transit. Take a look at our cylinder containers that are safe in the post.

Personalised Food Packaging
It’s a popular new trend to customise your packaging, and The Packaging People can help you do it with the assistance of digital printing. The upfront production costs of producing digitally printed designs are minimal, compared to traditional printing methods.

Currently, The Packaging People offer minimum print runs starting from 500 units as part of our Start Small Dream Big Program. The print quality is outstanding, and designs are printed directly onto our pouches and bags, with the help of our Hewlett Packard Digital Print Press and bag forming machine. If you have customised branding you would like to print, we would love to help! Find out more about our digital printing solutions.

The Packaging People offers sustainable and versatile packaging options for food packaging. View our complete packaging range on our website today.