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5 Creative Ways to Make Your Coffee Packaging Stand Out

5 Creative Ways to Make Your Coffee Packaging Stand Out

Drinking a morning cup of coffee is a treasured ritual that helps to kick the day off on the right foot. Sales of coffee is a highly competitive retail segment in Australia, with a lot of competition jockeying for your customer’s attention. In this blog, The Packaging People shares 6 creative ways in which you can help your coffee packaging stand out from the crowd. 

1. Photography

Sight, smell and taste can be very evocative triggers for the purchase of food products. Whilst you can’t exactly smell or taste a photograph, food photography can be evocative of the memory of drinking coffee. Images of morning coffee being poured may help to trigger your customer’s sensory memories of drinking coffee which, in turn, may help with sales of your product.

2. Colour and Design

Like photography, design and colour can be evocative at setting a mood or creating a psychological association. If your brand identity is eco-friendly, consider using craft and recycled looking paper bags and matt textures, such as those used on our eco-friendly Earth bags

If you want your products to stand out visually on the shelf, strong colour blocking can be an effective strategy. Repeated solid colour shapes repetitively placed on a shelf can be very eye-catching. Colour and branding also helps to identify and connect your product to your brand. The Packaging People offers custom printing options on our bags to help you with your brand appearance and product messaging. 

3. Develop a Company or Brand Philosophy

Text: Make sure your coffee packaging reflects your company’s brand philosophy. If you are marketing your brand to be environmentally aware, research environmentally friendly packaging to choose the right eco-friendly packaging. The Packaging People offers many different eco-friendly products including recycled, biodegradable and compostable packaging. 

4. Innovation

Innovative packaging can help to sell your coffee. If you put yourself in your customer’s shoes, you’ll know to consider resealable zipper bags to keep the coffee fresh. A degassing valve for your coffee packaging will help to release the build up of carbon dioxide in your coffee bag without letting in oxygen – keeping your coffee fresh. Flat bottom bags are stable and self-standing on shelves. Bags with a die-cut hole made at the top can be hung on a rack as well as being placed on the shelf to get your customer’s attention. 

5. Study Your Competition

Take a look at brands in your market segment that will be competing for your customers. Make sure that you offer a product that is priced or sized competitively for the value and matches the basic expectations of the customer. Look at weights, sizing and features of coffee brands that sell well in your segment and use that data to inform your product.

The Packaging People offers a variety of creative packaging options to help your coffee products stand out from the rest of the crowd. Contact us online today to enquire about our custom printing option