4 Things to Consider When Selecting Coffee Packaging

4 Things to Consider When Selecting Coffee Packaging

Coffee packaging should be a mixture of practicality and pizazz. You’ll want your brand packaging to catch the eye, but it will also need to store coffee properly and keep it fresh. Here at The Packaging People, we think our coffee packaging is just the thing! Our team of branding professionals recommend only the best packaging to help showcase your product and make your coffee packaging stand out from the rest. 

Product, Price Point and Presentation 

Coffee packaging is as varied as the different styles of coffee. You’re sure that your coffee beans are the best on the market, but how do you convince your customers?

Place Your Product in Suitable Coffee Packaging 

We have a versatile range of coffee packaging that offers practical features with eye-catching aesthetics. To see your coffee beans, we offer a peek-a-boo clear side gusset to our box bottom bag. For freshness, we offer foil food safe lining in our standard cylinder tubes and bio bags. We have bio lining bags for our cylinders too, offering your product extra freshness. We also offer food safe foil lining options and resealable zip options with our stand-up pouches and box bottom bags. Our bio bag pouches have a bio degassing valve attachment that is designed specifically for coffee products. The bio features are all made of biodegradable materials. 

Affordable Coffee Packaging Saves on Costs

Every style in our range of coffee packaging has several sizing options. This is perfect for finding the packaging that meets your product size and price point perfectly. 

  • In our cylinders, we offer small, medium, and large sizes, in 14 different colour options. Our huge range of readymade colours gives you the option for colour differentiating, for varied coffee bean flavours and origin. 
  • Our bio bags, including our box bottom bags and pouches, offer eight different sizes. We offer pouch style bags, box bottom bags with gussets, and resealable zip style bags. 
  • Zip bags can be heat sealed in the store and opened and resealed by your customers, simply by using the zip! There are bags to fit 70g to 1 kilogram of coffee beans.

Environmentally Friendly Coffee Packaging

Our recyclable options are a great selling point for environmentally concerned customers and businesses alike, who are looking for compostable options when it comes to packaging. Here at The Packaging People, we have coffee packaging that can give your coffee a prestigious feel, with environmentally safe options in kraft paper, and hard cylinder tube options in kraft or matte finish.

Coffee Packaging: Nail the Presentation

Our standard cylinder tubes are made of hard cardboard, with a matte or kraft finish and a lid. Bio liners are also available for sealing your coffee beans inside the cylinder. Our simple box bottom and stand-up pouches are great options for minimising the amount of packaging you use to sell your coffee. 

These are great for the promotion of impulse purchases, as well, as on the shelf, they have a flat facing aesthetic for your branding. They also can include different resealable or heat seal options, to keep the beans fresh. 

Stand out from the crowd with versatile and environmentally friendly packaging options for your coffee packaging. Browse our coffee packaging rangeonline or give the team a call today.