5 Reasons Why Branding Your Packaging is Important

5 Reasons Why Branding Your Packaging is Important

No matter what product you are packaging, whether it’s food, electronics, cosmetics or clothing, it is important that your branding is placed strategically so that the consumer takes notice and remembers it. It is one thing to impress a consumer with a high-quality product, but it is another thing entirely for the consumer to remember the brand of that product. This happens only with successful package branding. 

Packaging has several different roles such as protecting the product, enhancing usability and increasing functionality. Here, The Packaging People will be talking about five reasons why branding is so important on your businesses packaging. We will also touch on how we can increase your brand awareness by placing your brand logo or design on our reliable and durable packaging.

Stand Out from the Crowd

The most important reason why branding is so important is so your product stands out amongst your competitors. With increasing market competition, it is more important than ever to make your brand stand out. People tend to shop with their eyes, which means the first thing they notice is brand packaging. Without something that catches the consumer’s eye, you don’t stand a chance against other similar products. At The Packaging People, we can place your brand logo or design on our high-quality, attractive packaging, to make you stand out from the rest.

Packaging Colours and Designs Can Sway Purchasing Habits

The way that packaging is branded can have a huge effect on how the consumer’s brain reacts to it. Designs with excess information can be overwhelming for consumers, making them glance over it and ignore the packaging. Similarly, packaging that has little to no branding will not stick out from other brands, causing consumers to essentially miss the product completely.

Effective Packaging Creates Brand Recognition

If you take a moment to think of some of your favourite brands, it is their logos and packaging that come to mind as soon as you think of their name. Whether it’s the Nike tick, the Twitter bird, Apple’s apple, or the MacDonald’s arches, all these logos can be recognised, even without their brand name. This is what effective packaging creates. At The Packaging People, we can help build your brand awareness by placing strategically located and designed logos on our high-quality product packaging.

Branding Through Social Media

In an age where social media is the main source of news and information, having quality branding on your product packaging can go a long way in increasing brand awareness. Market research has shown that 74% of youths aged between 18-24 will share an image of product packaging through social media. If you have quality branding, you can increase brand exposure, without having to do any of the marketing work yourself.

Quality Packaging Depicts a Quality Brand

One of the main reasons you should insist on quality packaging, is that consumers relate the reliable and quality packaging with a reliable and quality brand. If your packaging falls apart, is hard to open, or doesn’t stay together when you need it to, the consumer will directly relate this to the quality of the product inside. At The Packaging People, our packaging is of the highest standard. We ensure that every type of packaging we make, whether it’s tins, boxes or pouches, is made to be functional and is made to last.

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