Have You Considered the Three P’s of Packaging Design?

Have You Considered the Three P’s of Packaging Design?

When thinking about packaging for your product or brand, it’s important to consider the three Ps of packaging design; protection, printing and perceived value. These three core principles will ensure that your product can be shipped safely, is marked clearly and appealingly, and is designed to attract your target audience. The Packaging People are experts in packaging supplies and in this post, our team guides you in the right direction for your next packaging design project.

Protecting Your Product

It may seem obvious, but the most basic and fundamental function of your packaging is that it should protect your product. Finding the right packaging will depend heavily on what you’re selling and how you’re shipping it. Food products need different types of protection to art prints, for instance. There are a few questions to ask when thinking about this:

  • Will it be transported in bulk to retailers?
  • Will it be palletised and moved around on forklifts?
  • Will it be purchased online for delivery, and therefore need to travel via courier or the postal service?
  • Is it vulnerable to heat, moisture, humidity or extreme low temperatures?

The answer to each of these questions should influence what packaging design you choose. Feel free to call the experienced team at The Packaging People for expert advice to help you find the right option.

Printing and How to Get it Right

How you mark your packaging is incredibly important. It goes without saying that you want people to know what your product is, but there may well be other types of important information you need to include. You also need to consider marketing copy that will help to attract your audience. In some cases, the markings on your packaging might be subject to legal and regulatory requirements, perhaps with regards to food hygiene or other safety standards.

Then you need to consider the cost and lead times for printing on the type of packaging you have chosen. Printed pressure sensitive labels are the quickest and most flexible option for new product launches with relatively low print runs, because you can make edits and corrections to the labels without ruining your packaging. 

For more established products, you may want to consider custom printed packaging from a packaging supplies specialist for an aesthetically pleasing finish and high-quality feel.

Adding Perceived Value

Your packaging needs to offer effective protection and clear branded printing, but it should also communicate a perceived value to your product, that is in line with the cost. Your packaging design, if done correctly, will add value. By standing out with a distinctive design that sets your product apart in a retail environment, you will communicate the cost and value of your product to the consumer. 

If your product is sold commercially or industrially, then the packaging needs to focus on utility and cost-effectiveness, making it as easy as possible for your customers to use and helping them to increase efficiency and productivity. On the other hand, if you are selling high-end skincare products with a higher price tag, your packaging needs to be luxury.

Shop online for a range of packaging supplies that will help you meet the three Ps or feel free to get in touch with the team today.