5 Characteristics of High-Quality Product Packaging

5 Characteristics of High-Quality Product Packaging

5 Characteristics of High-Quality Product Packaging

With the huge increase in online shopping, the need for high-quality, reliable packaging has become more important than ever. Packaging now needs to be functional, as well as inviting, aesthetic, durable, and as eco-friendly as possible, to ensure a memorable customer experience. Furthermore, in-store packaging needs to be distinguishable from competitors, so that it catches the eye and encourages purchase. 

Market research has shown that businesses that focus on great packaging are more likely to get higher rates of customer loyalty and retention, as well as increased sales. In this article, The Packaging People will discuss five characteristics that make for high quality product packaging, as well as how we can help with all your packaging needs.


In recent years, sustainability has become a focus for businesses and brands. Consumers are now expecting to see their favourite brands using eco-friendly and sustainable packaging. Not only is eco-friendly packaging beneficial for the environment, it has actually been shown to increase consumer interest and potential sales.

Easy to Use

There are certain design elements that businesses need to stick to if they want their packaging to be easy to open and close. You want your packaging to be easy to use, while also keeping the product inside safe and secure. Avoid packaging that is confusing or hard to handle, as this will put a consumer off the product entirely. 

Must Protect the Product

Other than brand exposure, the main reason for packaging is to protect the product inside. Businesses must be mindful of creating their packaging so that it keeps the product inside safe from damage. Businesses need to choose the right materials to make the packaging suit the specific product, too. For example, a glass item needs to be protected by soft, spongy material to ensure it doesn’t smash or break, while wooden items can be protected by something like cardboard or foam, to prevent scratching.


When it comes to packaging as a form of marketing, the way that the packaging looks is crucial. Branding your packaging in such a way is easy on the eye, while still maintaining a relatively minimalistic design, has shown to be a great way to increase consumer interest.


Depending on the product within, the exterior needs to be designed to suit the requirements of the product. For example, coffee bean packaging needs to have an access point that is both easy to open and easy to reseal, in order to keep the beans fresh.

How The Packaging People Can Help

At The Packaging People, we pride ourselves on offering comprehensive packaging options for your business. From eco-friendly flat pouches to tins and boxes, we provide extensive product packaging services.

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