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What are the Benefits of Using Eco-Friendly Packaging?

What are the Benefits of Using Eco-Friendly Packaging?

Eco-friendly packaging offers benefits to businesses and the environment. It has a reputation for being beneficial and safe. Environmentally friendly packaging may include packaging made of sustainable, reusable, recyclable or compostable materials. Designed to decompose harmlessly back into the environment, it also helps to reduce the volume of new landfill being created every day. A growing market of customers is aware of, and seeking out, eco-friendly product packaging.

In this article, The Packaging People explores the benefits of using eco-friendly packaging on your retail products. 


Eco-friendly packaging has a reputation for being safe and beneficial throughout its lifecycle. It should decompose quickly and harmlessly into the environment and not use toxic chemicals or substances in its manufacture. Often products designed for babies and small children, people with allergies, or food packaging, will use food safe and eco-friendly materials for safety reasons as well as environmental ones. Environmentally friendly packaging can increase the perception of safety of your brand.

Benefit to Customers

A common credo of eco-friendly packaging is reduce, reuse or recycle. Whilst it is not always feasible to reuse food packaging, clever design can extend the life of packaging to allow it to be used to store and protect your food items after the sale. Reducing single-use packaging should be the aim of packaging designers. Good quality cardboard cylinder boxes may be used as storage containers for the life of the product and beyond. Bags with resealable zippers can be used to store the product and keep it sealed and protected, which provides a benefit to your customers. Biodegradable or recyclable paper bags or plastic bags can help your customers dispose of your packaging sustainably.

Branding Philosophy and Customer Trust 

A larger proportion of buyers are seeking environmentally responsible brands than ever before. Customers who aren’t actively seeking eco-friendly brands may still make the decision to choose the eco-friendly option over a competitor, the eco-friendliness being a selling feature that tips the balance in your favour. A company can use their packaging choices to help build trust with their existing customer base. New businesses without a base could consider tapping into the potential of the environmentally aware market segment of shoppers to develop awareness of their brand. 

Variety of Packaging Choices

There are more environmentally friendly packaging options available for retailers than ever before. The Packaging People can offer eco-friendly options of our most popular packaging styles. As we sell more and more recyclable, compostable and sustainable packaging, we notice the demand for good quality, affordable and environmentally friendly options amongst our customers. We offer cylinders, pouches, resealable bags and boxes in our eco-friendly range

Eco-friendly packaging is great for business and for the environment. Enquire about eco-friendly packaging from The Packaging People on 03 8361 8063