Earth Bags – Eco Friendly Packaging

Earth Bags – Eco Friendly Packaging


Earth Bags have been specifically designed to provide an eco friendly packaging solution to your products. Our earth bags are made of brown recycled paper and have a corn-based, 100% natural biofilm that is a renewable resource, and most importantly, they are compostable. Whether you’re selling muesli, coffee, cosmetics or pet food, you can easily display your products in beautiful packaging bags that are wallet-friendly and eco friendly to Planet Earth.

Earth bags are a good short term storage packaging solution as they are not a completely air
tight product. The Packaging People recommend storing the bags away from direct sunlight,
and in cooler, dryer places to kept products fresh, as the bags will break down quickly in the
presence of heat, light and moisture.

Earth Bags come with or without a window. They can also be heat sealed. They also have the option of coming with or without a Tin-Tie. If you purchase Earth Bags with a Tin-Tie please be sure to remove the Tin-Tie to ensure they are fully compostable. Consider Earth bags if you want to contribute to eco preservation whilst still keeping your product packaging looking good!


Due to different manufacturing processes and the structure of the Earth Bags, sizes may vary slightly.

Height Width Gusset
EB.250br 236 85 50
EB.250brT 236 84 62
EB.500br 265 106 64
EB.500brT 265 107 63
EB1KGbr 303 125 74
EB1KGbrT 300 125 75
EB3KGbr 410 210 113


Height Width Gusset
EB.SMLbrW 254 86 63
EB.SMLbrWT 254 86 63
EB.MEDbrW 239 120 62
EB.MEDbrWT 239 120 62
EB.LGEbrW 235 151 68
EB.LGEbrWT 235 151 68


Additional information

Bag Type

With Tin Tie, With Window, With Window (EB6600), With Window (EB6601), With Window & Tin Tie, Without Tin Tie


Brown Paper, White Paper




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