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Earth Bags

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Our food-grade Earth Bags are home compostable and have been specifically designed as an environmentally friendly packaging solution. The bags are made of brown recycled paper and have a plant starch based, 100% natural biofilm that is a renewable resource (PLA).

Whether you’re selling coffee, muesli, or pet food, you can easily display your products in beautiful bags that are both wallet and planet friendly.

Earth bags are a good short term storage packaging solution as they are not a completely airtight product. We recommend storing the bags away from direct sunlight, and in cooler, dryer places to kept products fresh, as the bags will break down more rapidly in the presence of heat, light and moisture.

The Earth Bags can be heat sealed. They also have the option of coming with or without a Tin Tie. Earth Bags will need to have the Tin Tie removed to be sure they are fully compostable.

*Bag Sizes/Weights are based on coffee beans. See comparison table for dimensions.

Size: 250g
Size Chart - Earth Bags
Height Width Gusset
EB.250br 236mm 85mm 50mm
EB.250brT 236mm 84mm 62mm
EB.500br 265mm 106mm 64mm
EB.500brT 265mm 107mm 63mm
EB1KGbr 303mm 125mm 74mm
EB1KGbrT 300mm 125mm 75mm
EB3KGbr 410mm 210mm 113mm
Colour: Natural Kraft
With Tin Tie?: No Tin Tie
Save 5% on 1000+
Save 10% on 2000+
Save 15% on 3000+
Minimum Order Quantity: 100

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Home Compostable

This packaging is made from materials that can naturally decompose and biodegrade with the right home composting conditions. With this option, you’ll help reduce the amount of waste sent to landfill.

Heat Sealable

This packaging option allows your products to stay air-tight and waterproof. Made from premium materials and sealable with an impulse hand sealer or constant heat foot sealer, you can seal up the goodness for optimal freshness upon opening.

Easy to Display

This packaging is designed to self-stand on your shelves. Neatly line up your products and create the right impression with a presentable display effortlessly.

Food Grade

This packaging is designed and certified to be food safe. Adhering to strict regulatory standards that ensure no contaminants make it to your products, you can be sure you’re doing your part to better protect the health of your consumers.

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