Digital Print is the newest, most flexible, and innovative way to create a high impact packaging from tea and coffee packing as well as printed shipping bags.


Digital Print is the newest, most flexible and innovative way to create a high impact packaging solution. Whilst Digital Print isn’t ‘new’ the ability to do volumes using the C M Y K W colour mixes in great detail and tremendous Quality is unique.

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Since the completion and introduction of the latest Hewlett Packard Digital Print Press and bag forming machine, the Packaging People’s manufacturing partners along with our dedicated team have created truly amazing packaging design including printed shipping bags, tea and coffee packaging and food packaging.

High-quality reproductions in pictures, photographs, and complex and intricate design graphics are reproduced with incredible detail with brilliant, vivid and vibrant colour mixes using the basis of all our home printers C M Y K W.

There are many advantages with the Digital Print Press with faster turnaround times and smaller print runs. You can do as little a run as small as 1,500 or even less depending on an overall volume job.

This flexibility means you can do 4, 5,10 .15 or 50! different designs and do less than 1,500 bags for each type and design. All individually designed to incorporate all the different varieties you may have in a spice, tea, coffee, dried fruits, nuts, cosmetics, sports powders, scrubs and never have to label again.

No more label costs and no more labour intensive, painstaking efforts of labeling each individual bag. The cost savings are made across the entire volume of bags not based on costs per individual bag set up and design.

Shelf presence – you have the marketing edge with the amazing, professional bag minus the label!

Whilst not being as well recognised in the field as Custom Print packaging, Digital Printing is rapidly expanding.

When you see the results you gain an understanding as to why customers are taking the Digital Option as a pathway to a professional packaging solution: introducing their brand from small markets to large retail display spaces, with high-end detail and a great quality bag; something the Packaging People have prided themselves on delivering for nearly a decade.

So many options – so many ways to create your Packaging Solution.

Your Custom Design team at the Packaging People will work through the options available no matter how

basic or how intricate the design you are working towards achieving.

Please feel free to email our Custom Team at customprint@thepackagingpeople.com.au


All artwork can be supplied electronically and should conform to the following guidelines.

  • Adobe Photoshop: Save files as *.PSD files. Please make sure that layers are not merged. We will require they be in Adobe Photoshop CS5 or later.


  • Adobe Illustrator: Save files as *.AI files – Text in Illustrator files should be converted to outlines before exporting. All fonts are required as outlines. Please create your work in Adobe Illustrator CS5 or later.


  • Most designers are aware that packaging colours vary substantially from paper to printed proof. Different materials used in the bag construction – kraft paper for instance – resulting in different printing techniques and variation in natural materials used.


  • When using custom packaging bags we recommend a colour match formula/PMS and/or exact colour sample to ensure that the final result matches, allowing for all possible material variables including thickness of the bag itself.


  • Artwork can be emailed or drop box links can be provided. Alternatively, you can upload links to our FTP server by filling out the information below and uploading the file.

Please feel free to email our Custom Team at customprint@thepackagingpeople.com.au or phone us and speak directly with

Shayden or one of our friendly team 03-8361 8063.

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