When The Packaging People introduced the ability to personalise cardboard cylinders in 2019, no one would have expected the extraordinary results that would follow.


The Packaging People have created thousands of personalised custom tubes for some of Australia’s most well-respected companies. These companies have trusted The Packaging People to deliver the highest quality customised product on the market.

When it comes to personalised cardboard tubes the minimum is 3,000 pieces (per size). Within this 3,000 you can print up to 6 different variants of your chosen product. Printed using CMYK + White digital inks, customers have the ability to print as many colours on their personalised tubes without the need to pay for additional set up costs.

With unlimited sizing options, with a range of different materials and looks to be had, these personalised tubes are a game changed when it comes to packaging solutions.

Personalised cardboard tubes are the perfect option for individuals and businesses alike to ensure their products are packaged in a unique vessel that will stand out from the pack on shelves across Australia and the world. Perfectly sturdy, and strong, the personalised cardboard tubes are the newest and most prominent option available in the packaging world.


All artwork can be supplied electronically and should conform to the following guidelines.

  • Adobe Photoshop: Save files as *.PSD files. Please make sure that layers are not merged. We will require they be in Adobe Photoshop CS5 or later.


  • Adobe Illustrator: Save files as *.AI files – Text in Illustrator files should be converted to outlines before exporting. All fonts are required as outlines. Please create your work in Adobe Illustrator CS5 or later.


  • Most designers are aware that packaging colours vary substantially from paper to printed proof. Different materials used in the bag construction – kraft paper for instance – resulting in different printing techniques and variation in natural materials used.


  • When using custom packaging bags we recommend a colour match formula/PMS and/or exact colour sample to ensure that the final result matches, allowing for all possible material variables including thickness of the bag itself.


  • Artwork can be emailed or drop box links can be provided. Alternatively, you can upload links to our FTP server by filling out the information below and uploading the file.

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