About Us

Since 2007, The Packaging People (formerly known as Coffee Bags) have strived to deliver unique, innovative and high-quality packaging for a wide variety of industries. Achieving these goals has placed us as the market leader in the Packaging industry for over a decade.

The Packaging People source its products from the highest quality suppliers in various locations worldwide. It is through our diligent quality control that the manufacturing properties of our products have stood the test of time for over a decade.

We currently serve over 5,000 customers across 30 different industries ranging from Coffee Roasters, Tea Manufacturers, Herbs and Spices, Baking Goods,  Proteins for the Fitness Industry, Pet Foods, Health and Beauty Products and many more. We are proud to offer Packaging Solutions to some of Australia’s most trusted brands.

Initially, our product range was limited to plain off the shelf bags. The Packaging People understand the importance of company branding and the need for a strong presence in the marketplace, through this understanding we expanded our services to become a leader in design and manufacturing of Custom and Digitally Printed bags.

The Packaging People have stayed abreast of consumer awareness of the effects of packaging on the environment and are now offering products that are Biodegradable and Earth Friendly.

Our range has recently been expanded again to now include Packaging Cylinders, Packaging Tins, Coffee Cups and Food Grade drums. We are always searching for the next Packaging Solution for our loyal customers and welcome suggestions for new product ideas.

At The Packaging People, our aim is to continue to offer the same amazing quality products and service that you have grown to expect. We promise to remain at the forefront of the packaging industry, constantly searching for better ways to improve the customer experience when it comes to packaging solutions