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Side Gusset Bags

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Our food-grade Side Gusset Bags are made of the highest quality materials with excellent barrier properties, ensuring a longer fresher shelf life for your product and are one the staples for coffee and tea packaging.

Foil-lined and with a variety of sizes and options to choose from, these bags are an excellent coffee packaging solution, but can also be used for many other products too like tea, pet food, cleaning products, clothing and more.

All our Side Gusset Bags have a sturdy high-quality K seal which allows the bag to stand well on any surface. This means when your product fills the bag, both the sides of the bags expand, the bottom of the bag becomes sealed, and the top portion is kept open for filling with product.

These bags can come with or without a degassing valve and can be custom printed. They can be heat sealed or closed with a tin tie.

The matte black and matte white Side Gusset Bags are soft plastic recyclable making them recyclable through soft-plastic recycling schemes.

*Bag Sizes/Weights are based on coffee beans. See comparison table for dimensions.

Size: 250g
Size Chart - Side Gusset Bags
Height Width Gusset Seam Valve (from top)
SG.250 275mm 90mm 55mm 10mm 80mm
SG.500 365mm 90mm 60mm 10mm 80mm
SG1KG 385mm 125mm 85mm 10mm 80mm
SG2KG 495mm 172mm 115mm 10mm 130mm
SG3KG 510mm 210mm 110mm 10mm 130mm
Colour: Natural Kraft
With valve?: Yes
Save 5% on 1000+
Save 10% on 2000+
Save 15% on 3000+
Quantity Price
Minimum Order Quantity: 100

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Heat Sealable

This packaging option allows your products to stay air-tight and waterproof. Made from premium materials and sealable with an impulse hand sealer or constant heat foot sealer, you can seal up the goodness for optimal freshness upon opening.

Easy to Fill

This design is easy to fill with a wide, expandable opening that ensures less spillage when pouring in your product.

Custom Printing Available

This packaging is suitable for adding your brand’s own custom design with our market-leading printing methods. Totally personalise your packaging to appeal to your target market.

Add a Degassing Valve

This nifty feature ensures any excess gas, like carbon dioxide, escapes from the package upon sealing while preventing outside air from entering. You can help preserve the freshness of your beans, avoid exposure to moisture, and extend the shelf life of your product with this simple, sophisticated addition to your packaging.

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