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Custom-printed Coffee Bag Labels

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Coffee Bag Labels are traditionally rectangular in their shape, but who are we to tell you what you should do, it's your product!

This range has been curated by their size and shape to compliment our range of bags and pouches.

Coffee Bag Labels are a simple, fast and cost effective alternative ahead of custom printing, meaning that you get your brand and product out to the market faster.

Simply choose your size and quantity, proceed through the cart and we'll be in touch to collect your artwork.

What are you waiting for? Get started now!

Material: Standard
Style: Matte
Size: 50mm x 50mm
How your options stack up

Size and shape is obviously the most important feature of your design. Don't stress if the dimensions of your artwork are to small for the label size you've chosen, that's okay, we'll cut it down to size or round the corners and create those funky shapes, just think of the size as a template to work within.

If your design needs a 'bigger' size, then simply chose another size!

While your at it, think about what sort of finish you want. Essentially we've split the options into STANDARD and PREMIUM.

STANDARD is a basic paper material base, and generally suitable for most label requirements.

PREMIUM is a more durable and generally a PET finish, they'll last longer and are more water resistant.

Quantity Price

Once your order has transacted through the shopping cart, we'll email you within the next business day to coordinate your artwork setup and collection.

Remember you can always submit an enquiry form before you order so we can assist you with any questions.

So how does ordering Labels & Stickers work?

step one

Shop the range

So you need a label to add to your packaging? You literally have endless combinations to choose from.

Consider what content needs to go onto your label, a shape that will fit well and what sort of finish works best. Pick that option, in the quantity you need, and add it to your cart.

step two

Submit your artwork

Once you've processed you order through the cart, we'll be in contact via email to collect your artwork.

Don't stress, we'll work with you make sure it's right and ready to print, there's also plenty of tips in the FAQ's below to get you started and keep you on track.

step three

Sit back while we produce it

Once the artwork is ready, we're all set. We'll take that file and run it through our printer, then into the cutter to create that label shape and size you've chosen.

step four

Delivery to your chosen address

From the production facility, we'll wrap and pack your labels ready for shipping, all things going well, including your artwork, they'll be with you in a few days.


You can start small and dream big with low minimum order quantities that allow you to launch your next packaging design with no fuss.

Fast turnaround

With a high volume of stock on hand, these are available for 72hr dispatch. Simply send us your print-ready artwork and they’ll arrive at your door before you know it. Talk about reliable packaging when you need it.

Locally Produced

These stickers have been made in-house by our team in Melbourne. By buying locally, you help reduce the carbon effect of transportation and make our community stronger by supporting a local business.

Cost Effective Solution

Adding our labels to a stock bag means you can have a professionally branded product without the cost of creating a custom bag. Alternatively, use different labels on a standard or custom bag to differentiate between flavours or product types.

Looking for custom-printed bags, cylinders or boxes instead?

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Our Print Promise

We guarantee the highest quality of custom printing and prioritise customer satisfaction. If you are not fully satisfied, we will promptly resolve any issues to ensure your happiness.

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