Introducing our new freight process – SHIPPIT

Nov 18, 2020 | Business

The Packaging People have in recent months teamed up with Shippit, a shipping platform that helps businesses save time, save money and most importantly keep our customers happy especially in the crazy world we are living in right now.

Through COVID times, like many businesses, The Packaging People saw 2020 as the perfect time to pivot internal business strategies to improve customer experience and increase business efficiencies. We found that where we lacked as a business was transparent communication with customers regarding the status of their orders, as well as some inefficiencies in our freight processes.

After a lot of work and research we found that Shippit was the perfect platform to address such inefficiencies. We did evaluate several shipping platforms and found Shippit to have the greatest level of upside for our business and our customers.

Shippit, especially with its newly introduced “help” function is allowing a lot more transparency for customers when it comes to tracking and receiving their orders. Customers will receive email notification that gives a full view of when orders were packed, what courier company is looking after your order and expected delivery date of said orders. Shippit has transformed the customer experience from an after sales perspective. We are excited to not only offer the highest quality products in the market, but to also offer a professional customer service experience for all customers from start to finish.

We find it important to keep our customers, who are our most important asset, up to date with changes we have made to our processes, to let you know we are always looking to improve our business.

Each and every day our business is asked the same questions in regard to our shipping processes, we thought that whilst we introduce Shippit to you we can address some FAQs in regard to our shipping policies are procedures.

Question: Do you have the tracking number for my order?

Answer: Shippit now allows full transparency for your orders! As long as the correct email address and phone number are entered when you place your order, you will receive tracking information as soon as the order is dispatched from our warehouse which will allow you to track its progress.

Question: Can you please send my order with a specific freight company?

Answer: No, we do accept requests for specific freight company requests. Shippit provides several carrier and delivery options and we will always endeavor to choose the best option for your order.   

Question: Can you please send my order express?

Answer: Yes, we can send your order express. However, this is NOT a free service. Customers will be charged an express freight charge based on the order size and delivery location. Keep in mind, we are living in 2020, express does not exactly mean express due to the volume of freight travelling around Australia.

Question: Why is my order taking longer than usual?

Answer: In previous years, there has been a real sense of control around freight and consistent delivery times. Unfortunately, this is a year like no other and things can take a little longer than usual. What we do promise is to choose the most efficient transport option possible and provide the highest quality products and customer service.

Question: I have special delivery instructions I need followed; can you please ensure this occurs?

Answer: We do also have a lot of customers who have special delivery instructions on their orders. We will ensure these special instructions are on the invoice and our freight companies are notified of such instructions. However, we cannot guarantee such special instructions will be followed by freight companies, this is completely out of our control.

It is also very important to note that any change in delivery address, business name or email address is the responsibility of the customer and the customer only. We also ask that our customers understand we cannot at the point of ordering provide an exact ETA on orders but will do our best to provide a close estimate. Our team will always do our best to dispatch orders the same day as payment is made for invoices, however, this cannot be guaranteed due to the volume of orders we receive daily. We will however ensure if the orders are not dispatched on the same day, they will leave the next business day!

The Packaging People want to ensure the customer experience with our company is second to none and Shippit is just the first step in ensuring this is a promise we deliver on.

If you would like more information on Shippit, please visit the below link.