Box Bottom Slit Bags


Box Bottom Slit Bags have been designed to self stand on their flat bottom and they have a slit in the front that can be used for your business cards, product information, tasting notes or any other promotional material.

Please note the Rippa Zippa becomes functional ONLY after the bag has been heat sealed.


Minimum Qty: 100


 Box Bottom Bag with Rippa Zippa with Slit

CodeHeightWidthGussetSeal WidthZipper PlacementTab Placement  Slit SizeValve Placement
BB.150Z.slit185100506mm35mm25mmW60 x H70n/a
BB.250Z.slit190110806mm35mm25mmW60 x H70n/a
BB.250Zv.slit190110806mm35mm25mmW60 x H7060mm
BB.500Z.slit250125906mm35mm25mmW60 x H70n/a
BB.500Zv.slit250125906mm35mm25mmW60 x H7060mm

Additional information


150g, 250g, 500g


Black Kraft, Natural Kraft, White Kraft

Bag Type

Rippa Zippa *No Valve*, Rippa Zippa & Valve


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