Custom Print has been recognised as the traditional method of printing on formed bags and packaging.


This method has developed over the years with advancing equipment and machines enabling an enormous diversity of not only colour palates using Pantone mixes in all their forms solid, coated, uncoated or matte – but very specific design elements from fine graphics to full colour photographs.

Contact the team today customprint@thepackagingpeople.com.au or phone the office 0400 680 231


All artwork can be supplied electronically and should conform to the following guidelines.

  • Adobe Photoshop: Save files as *.PSD files. Please make sure that layers are not merged. We will require they be in Adobe Photoshop CS5 or later.


  • Adobe Illustrator: Save files as *.AI files – Text in Illustrator files should be converted to outlines before exporting. All fonts are required as outlines. Please create your work in Adobe Illustrator CS5 or later.


  • Most designers are aware that packaging colours vary substantially from paper to printed proof. Different materials used in the bag construction – kraft paper for instance – resulting in different printing techniques and variation in natural materials used.


  • When using custom packaging bags we recommend a colour match formula/PMS and/or exact colour sample to ensure that the final result matches, allowing for all possible material variables including thickness of the bag itself.


  • Artwork can be emailed or drop box links can be provided. Alternatively, you can upload links to our FTP server by filling out the information below and uploading the file.

Please feel free to email our Custom Team at customprint@thepackagingpeople.com.au

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    The options are endless.

    Talented Graphic Art designers have a real focus on setting each customer’s products apart with enormous diversity and creativity. Personalising your packaging has been taken to a new level.

    The packaging as well as and the product are a focus; customers and retailers realise that having a great product is part of the story. Shelf presence is now becoming a significant focus for large and small retail clients alike.

    When you see some of the results the Packaging People have created working with Graphic Art Designers and customers you will see we are at the forefront of creativity, not only in colours and graphics but introducing diverse design elements.

    Our custom printed packaging is done based on the reverse gravure method established and practiced for many decades. The images and colours are engraved or etched on cylinder drums in a traditional format. Methods such as Flexo Press where the process of printing on the substrate from both front and back of the packaging are practiced by market-leading Manufacturers.

    Generally, the minimum Custom Print order is 10,000 per bag design. In circumstances of minimal art changes for different bag sizes, smaller runs can be considered. Each proposal is considered based on overall volumes, bag types, constructions, and design parameters.

    It can take up to 10 -12 weeks from final approval to delivery. This time is based on many variables such as repeat runs, different bag construction types, volumes and art designs. This time frame is indicative and should be discussed with us when considering your timelines for product and packaging solutions being ready for sale or distribution.