With so many cylinder colours and style’s available at The Packaging People, it can get a little overwhelming as to which cylinder colour or style you should choose as your packaging solution.

That’s why we decided to put together a little guide to explain which colors and styles are better suited to different products. It is important to note, The Packaging People’s cylinder range is incredibly diverse, so there is no limit as to which colors or styles you can use, but the below guide will provide a little bit of assistance.

KRAFT RANGE – Natural Kraft, White Kraft & Black Kraft:

Our Kraft range, provide a nice rough textured feel to them that give off a very natural, earthy vibe. These tubes are perfect for customers who want a textured look to their packaging solution, as well as customers who want a very simple, classical look to their brand. The Kraft tubes are a great option for products such as candles and bath salt like products.

PASTEL RANGE – Blue, Yellow, Green, Pink, Purple, Orange, Matte Black & Matte White:

The options with The Packaging People’s pastel tube range are endless, they are so diverse with so many incredible colours to choose from. With a sleek Matte Finish, they are sure to make any product pop on the shelf! The pastel range suits those products that are perfect for the spring and summer months – the colours scream WARMTH AND HAPPINESS! Baked goods, such as decorated cookies, chocolates and bake mixes are perfect for the pastel range tubes. The pastel range also suits floral and herbal teas, as the colours contrast quite nicely with the colour of the teas. We have also seen a massive shift recently of non-food grade products going into the pastel tubes, this has included hair and beauty products, and some amazing colourful sock sets.

MIDNIGHT RANGE – Khaki, Navy & Rust:

The new kids on the block – they are the perfect colour for products as we move into the colder winter months. They have been popular already with customers with a winter tea option, and they have also been very popular for customers who are packaging herbs and spices into the tubes, perfect for a Sunday roast, or a winter stew. The darker colours work well for those products that are destined to warm up customers and their families.


The Biodegradable range, like the standard kraft range, are perfect for those who want a very classical, earthy look to their packaging solutions. The biodegradable tubes go to another level though, without foil, the tube is a fully biodegradable/compostable product. Important to note – any food grade products going inside will require a biodegradable liner to keep food products fresh and ensure the tube is good grade. The biodegradable tubes are perfect for companies looking to achieve an eco-friendly ethos with their packaging solutions and they are perfect for almost any product.


Classy, sleek, incredible, and just a few words that can be used to describe The Packaging People’s Recyclable Matt tubes. Like the pastel tubes, the options are endless when it comes to products you can put inside these tubes. However, like the biodegradable tubes, it is important to note that the tubes are not food grade, so again a biodegradable liner is required to make the tubes food grade. The tubes are so diverse, you can put anything inside the recyclable tubes, they are perfect for those customers who want a pop of colour in their packaging solutions, but they also want to maintain that eco-friendly edge.

As you can see, there are so many different options to explore when it comes to The Packaging People’s cylinder solutions. If there is still too much confusion and you can’t find the best option for you, don’t worry one bit! Email or call The Packaging People today and organise a sample order so you can find the best cylinder for your business and your products.

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