What are the Main Benefits of Eco-Friendly Packaging?

Eco friendly packaging is designed to eventually break down into natural components that are friendly to the environment. The eco-friendly packaging range from The Packaging People includes biodegradable liners, boxes, cylinders, and paper bags that can be custom printed for your business. After use, the packaging can be safely home composted or sorted into your recycling bin, reducing the amount of packaging that goes into Australian landfills. 

The Packaging People look at the top reasons why you should choose eco-friendly packaging, and how branding your eco-friendly packaging can help your business.

How Using Eco Friendly Packaging Helps the Environment

When paper is recycled, less new trees are felled to make paper. This reduces the amount of paper waste in landfill and protects the number of trees felled each year.  In addition, non-eco-friendly synthetic materials may take decades to decompose and have been found in water systems, where they present hazards to natural wildlife and release unnatural toxins or gases into the environment as they decompose. Natural materials, in contrast, break down quickly and harmlessly into the environment. 

How Using Eco Friendly Packaging Helps Your Brand

Eco friendly packaging helps to differentiate your brand from the rest and makes a strong statement about your commitment to the environment. We think it’s a smart idea for businesses to embrace eco-friendly packaging as a positive selling point for their brand or product, and to use this selling point for marketing or packaging.

How to Brand with Eco-Friendly Packaging

Incorporate your natural packaging materials with your brand identity, and it will bolster your eco-friendly credentials. Full colour printing of your packaging can be used to add your branding and your product message to our eco-friendly packaging bags and cylinders. Branding your packaging means your customer will remember where their product came from, and it’s a further chance to let people know who your brand is and what you stand for. 

We Offer Custom Digital Printing of Formed Bags and Cylinders

The Packaging People offer custom printing of our formed bags and cylinder packaging. Digital printing means you can print your bags and cylinder packaging in relatively small runs, with competitive pricing. We print full colour, on existing formed bag stock, in print runs as small as 1500 per design for bags, and 3000 for cylinders. The result is sleek and professional. 

Printing your packaging allows you to create an eye-catching design that can use your packaging’s facing to create the most impact. With our digital branding, you can also avoid the labour and time costs of individually labelling your products.

Can Eco Packaging Save You Money?

Can you save money by buying eco-friendly packaging? At The Packaging People, you can. Using a ‘less is more’ approach, you can find ways to use less materials in your packaging and use them more effectively. This not only saves money, but it also lessens your brand’s waste. 

Finding an existing eco-friendly option, such as The Packaging People’s eco-friendly printable range of cylinders, pouches, and boxes will also save you the time and expense of conducting your own research into eco-friendly packaging and printing. We are a one stop shop! 

Get in touch with The Packaging People on 03 8361 8063 to ask about branding your eco-friendly packaging products for your business.