The perfect match

Mar 17, 2021 | Business

For the last couple of year, we have worked closely with the team at The Luxe Co. who specialise in working with companies on branding and the way in which a brand can distinguish a “remarkable business from just another business”. A small part of the work they did for us was to design a new logo and social media branding plan, with the goal of having our branding and logo really tell a story as to what we do and what stand for as a company.  

When Tina & Britta sent across the draft of our logo, they had incorporated a cool symbol that was representative of packaging as a “vessel”. This was not something that I had ever thought about in regard to the products we were selling.  The way in which these girls explained this symbol was perfect. Packaging is a vessel for every company, and different companies use this vessel for different reasons.  Some companies and individuals use packaging for the sole reason of keeping their product safe and fresh. Other companies use packaging to align it with their brand values, for example companies who sell natural organic products often partner this with biodegradable packaging. Packaging is also used as a sales vessel, in which companies will design amazing packaging in order to make such products stand out on the shelf relative to competitors.

As a team we loved our original Packaging People logo. What we did discover through the process of looking at our logo is that maybe the message it was conveying didn’t match us as a brand.

What I am getting at here is that when selecting packaging, sometimes the most extravagant and best looking bag or cylinder is not going to be the best for your business. The best packaging is going to be that in which the message, values and goals of your organisation are most accurately represented in. For example, if you are selling a natural, organic product, a natural Kraft paper bag is going to be far more effective than a gold bling bag that doesn’t convey the earthy message at all.

I am certainly no brand expert, that is why we hired the Luxe Co. team, but what this process has taught me is that all aspects of your business from your logo, your colours, your products, your staff and everything that comes in between should be representative of what your company stands for.

Shayden Robinson

Head of Operations and Sales & Marketing