Covid-19 has been an incredibly difficult time for many people across the world. The pandemic has left many sick, both mentally and physically, and it has caused significant economic hardship for a lot of businesses. Moving in and out of lockdown constantly has meant any momentum your business had been gaining is lost in an instant as we are thrust back into the uncertainty of another bout of heavy restrictions.

It has been tough for many, however, as Danielle Maguire from the ABC in August 2020 noted, the Covid-19 pandemic has also seen many take advantage of the situation and launch their own side hustle business to fill in the hours and hopefully make some additional bucks. Many people tapped into their creative sides and took up a project or business that had been a passion for many years, and the time and opportunity to progress and pursue this idea had finally presented itself.

It has been amazing at The Packaging People to see how many new customers are contacting us each day to discuss the packaging for the business that they are wanting to start. We have seen hundreds, if not thousands of news businesses emerge in our customer base, from tea companies to homemade baked goods, and freshly made ready to eat meal kits. The strength, resilience, and creativity of the human spirit during these times has been evident, every day.

This is a packaging newsletter, so I guess we best discuss where The Packaging People assisted in the side hustle craze of 2020 and 2021. For many, starting a new venture can be scary and some guidance is needed with certain aspects of the project, such as packaging. The Packaging People specialise in assisting small start up Mum and Dad companies, with over 8,000 of our customers falling into this category. Unlike most other suppliers in Australia who have a strong focus on the “big guys”, The Packaging People took the time to provide free samples, walk customers through the best options for their new product and ultimately provide the best packaging for their new venture.

Nour El Hayek, of Umm Baharat, a specially curated and handcrafted all-natural spice blend company was keenly aware of the big gamble that came with starting a new business during the COVID-19 pandemic. He described how The Packaging People made the launch easier for him “During the prepping stage of my business, getting quotes was the first process – what truly stood out compared to other companies was the fast response times from both Shayden & Scott + the low MOQ which was needed more so during COVID as I didn’t want to take a huge gamble in investing a large amount during uncertain times. Great service, rapport and a team of people who actually care!”

The Packaging People is here to help those new businesses with their packaging decision and hopefully elevate those new product ideas to the next level, that makes your side hustle the next big thing. Please call us today to find out our packaging can assist your new business.