Eco Stand Up Pouch

Eco Stand Up Pouch



  Height Width
SUP1KG 355 240
SUP.500 275 190
SUP.250 230 160



The Packaging People’s eco bag range are made from a new to market material known as D2w. D2w is an oxo biodegradable polymer resin that is incorporated in the packaging which enables the packaging to break down quicker than a standard foil lined bag. The shelf life of these bags is 18 months, if stored away from heat, light, and moisture. Once the 18-month shelf life has expired and the bags have been disposed of correctly into home composting or industrial composting facility the packaging will break into microscopic flakes within 3 months. Exposing the bags to high levels of heat will ensure this process occurs correctly.

The balance of these flakes will turn to biomass within 2-3 years, thus creating a bag that degrades some 15-20 years faster than a standard bag. These bags are approved to be home compostable. The oxo biodegradable additive complies with the Federal, Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act (FDA) C.F.R. Chapter 21, and the Regulation European Union No. 10/2011

The new eco bag range is available in a wide variety of Stand up Pouch sizes as well as everyone’s favourite the Box Bottom. The bag can also come with an eco-valve and eco-resealable Zip. The bags offer excellent barrier protection and food grade layers to keep products fresh.


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ECO Natural Kraft

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