Biodegradable Double Wall Insulated Paper Coffee Cups with Lids

Biodegradable Double Wall Insulated Paper Coffee Cups with Lids

Our disposable biodegradable double wall insulated paper coffee cups (with lids) are made from a high-quality PLA Coated Paper. The Cups are 100% compostable, bio-degradable and recyclable. Lined with high-quality Ingeo Resin. This lining is a high-performance material made from plants, not oil, that is derived from 100% renewable plant resources. The advantage of this is a significant reduction in greenhouse emissions.

Comfortable to hold in the hand, whilst retaining optimum temperature. Superior to most insulated double wall coffee cups in the market. Our double wall paper coffee cups feature either a smooth gloss black or gloss white outer. Should you wish to advertise your brand and maximize marketing opportunities these cups can be custom printed with your businesses branding on request.

The coffee cup lids are made to specifically to fit our cups perfectly and to aid in preventing any unnecessary leaks or spills. Our lids are made from bioplastic rather than oil-based plastic making them 100% recyclable. Our 8oz lids fit onto our 8oz Double Wall and Ripple Wall Cups and our 12/16oz lids fit securely onto our 12oz and 16oz Double Wall and Ripple Wall Cups. They are available in black or white.

Our Cups are sold in boxes of 1000. Freight is calculated on your location. to place an order email 

Double Wall Coffee Cups with Lids

Ingeo Bio Plastic Lining
100% Biodegradable, Compostable and Recyclable
Smooth Gloss Surface
Custom Printing – Minimum order quantities apply
8oz, 12oz, 16oz


Additional information

Cup Size

8oz, 12oz, 16oz

Cup Colour

White Gloss, Black Gloss, White Kraft

Lid Size

8oz, 12oz – 16oz

Lid Colour

Black, White, Bio


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