Biodegradable Post Packs

Biodegradable Post Packs

 Bio Post Packs

The Packaging People’s brand new, innovative, biodegradable post packs are available in three sizes to suit all your postal needs. They look great, keep your products safe and secure and have a large central square location for post information. The Bio Post Packs are very strong and offer a sealing flap allowing contents to be sealed safely inside. Better still once your customer receives their perfectly packaged products, they can dispose of the Bio Post Pack in an eco – friendly and responsible way.

The Bio Post Pack can be dropped off to a Commercial Industrial Facility or can be placed in your home compost.

If choosing to Home Compost, we have a couple of handy hints to maximise the degrading of the Bio Post Pack material.

  • Ensure that the material is exposed to higher heat light and moisture content of your Bin or Home Compost area.
  • Ensure that the compost is turned over to maximise the higher degrees of the elements to the Bio Pack material.
Small 250mm 225mm
Medium 395mm 315mm
Large 530mm 440mm


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