Biodegradable Liners

Biodegradable Liners


Bio Liners Consumer Information

Small 165mm 75mm
Medium 225mm 87mm
Large 285mm 95mm


The Packaging People’s brand new, innovative food grade bio liners are the perfect biodegradable and compostable solution to showcase your products in an eco-friendly manner, or to be used as a cylinder liner allowing products to be kept fresher than ever before.These new bio liners are available in 3 sizes  – small, medium and large and are the perfect fit for the packaging cylinders offered by The Packaging People. The liners are incredibly high strength, high quality, have tremendous shelf life and offer a translucent solution, which also offers a food grade barrier protection.The bio liners are created from a new to the market material known that d2w, an oxo -biodegradable polymer resin that is incorporated within the packaging itself, enabling the packaging to degrade quicker than a standard foil lined bag. The shelf life of these bags is approximately 18 monthsWhen correctly disposed of after use the bags will begin to break down within 3 months. The balance of the bag will turn to BioMass within 2-3 years of correct composting thus creating a bag that degrades some 15-20 years faster than a standard bag.

Better yet, these bags are approved to be *home compostable. They can also be taken to an Industrial compost facility and be disposed of in a eco friendly way immediately. The oxo biodegradable additive complies with the Federal, Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act (FDA) C.F.R. Chapter 21, and the Regulation European Union No. 10/2011.

This product does not contain heavy metals in accordance with CONNEG regulations

**When Bio-Liners are purchased with the Cylinders a MOQ of 20 applies. If purchased separately a MOQ of 100 applies**


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