Our environmental commitment

Jun 23, 2021 | Business

The future of mother earth depends entirely on humans treating her with the upmost respect and care moving forward. For too long humanity has treated planet earth as our own personal playground without realising the dire consequences our actions are having on the health of our beautiful planet. It is time to for attitudes, products, policies, and procedures to change on a global scale to ensure our planet and the abundance of life that comes with it is around for future generations to enjoy. Each year Australians throw away 1.9 million tonnes of packaging – enough to fill the MCG 9 times over and this emits the same amount of greenhouse gas into our atmosphere
of 860,000 cars.

The Packaging People is providing a commitment to you today that we promise to ensure the products, policies, and procedures we have in place as a business moving forward, have a BIG and most importantly POSITIVE effect on the health of our planet.

The Packaging People pledge to search far and wide for products, policies and procedures that contribute positively to the 2025 National Packaging Targets, a set of targets that define the sustainable pathway for how Australia will manage its packaging waste.

This process has already started with the introduction of our Recyclable Bag range, our Re-Useable Food Safe Drums and the introduction of a Bio Cylinder range. There will be a strong focus from The Packaging People moving forward to ensure more and more of our products are sustainable and kind to the planet that we call home. Our team want to stress with you that this is not going to be a quick and easy process. There is a lot of trial and error involved in ensuring that our practices, policies, and products are not only sustainable, but it’s important they continue to meet the needs of our customers whilst maintaining the high quality we have delivered for over a decade now.

There are now over 12,000 businesses who we consider part of The Packaging People family. We implore all of our incredible customers to stick with us and join us as we strive towards a better future for all. Let’s do this together, we can’t wait to see the positive change
we can have TOGETHER!!