Apr 29, 2021 | Business

A Geelong based, Australian business ran by two Mums with two kids

Missta came about when Demi & Melinda exchanged some back and forth messages on Instagram back in 2017 about their new experiences as Mums; birth, feeding, sleeping, staying sane etc. After a few consistent messages they couldn’t get over how many other parents (and non-parents) were so judgemental towards each other in all aspects of parenthood.

MISSTA is a 750ml insulated bottle that keeps sterilised water at serving temperature for up to 12 hours. The world first innovative lid has an inbuilt sensor and temperature light indicator to ensure the water is at a safe serving temperature to feed your baby on demand.

“Our Missta bottles are posted out in our branded Missta cylinders, each cylinder has foam rings around the inside to protect our product and also a foam base. Since working with Shayden to come up with the best possible way to protect our product when posting to customers (that also looks sleek and stylish), we have been so incredibly happy with our cylinders; we get so many comments on how amazing our packaging is!!!” – Demi Duncan, Co Founder

Missta’s mission is to make EVERYONEhave trust in themselves, that they are doing the best for their own unique situation and all parents should feel included and accepted no matter what choices are made. 

Head to their website https://missta.com.au/ to check it out!