When it comes to packaging, could choosing a more cost-effective option actually cost you more?

Ultimately, packaging needs to be impactful to get your brand and your product into the hands of your customers. However, when selecting cheaper packaging and sourcing from untrustworthy suppliers, the ability of the packaging to keep your products safe and to assist with the sales of your product can be diminished significantly.

Think when you get a takeaway coffee and you take a sip of your coffee and get a nice chemical smell from a poor quality lid. There are many that have had this experience and most people don’t go back for seconds. This would be the same for packaging where the zip lock does not lock quite properly, or the lid of a cylinder doesn’t close tightly – the effect that this can have on your product is dire and not something many want to experience. Even though you are saving costs by buying something cheaper where the quality, it’s worth thinking about how this may be effecting your brand and business long-term.

Most people are looking for quality over quantity and have the mindset that they are happy to pay for a product or service that is of a higher standard these days. The old saying you get what you pay for isn’t just a saying, it really is the source of truth.

Ultimately, what is best for your brand? Is it cheaper packaging that might improve the bottom line, but causes negative long-term effects on your business, or is it consistent packaging quality and customer service that makes your product not only stand out off the shelf but makes the quality of the product better than your competitors?

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