The Packaging People are happy to help with all your gloss, matte, and kraft packaging needs throughout Australia. Discover these packaging differences.

The Difference in Your Packaging Materials – Gloss vs. Matte vs. Kraft

As leaders in the Australian packaging industry, The Packaging People have a wide range of packaging supplies, including gloss, matte, and kraft options. So what exactly is the difference between these packaging materials, and which one is right for you? Here’s everything you need to know about gloss vs. matte vs. kraft.

What Is Gloss Packaging?

Gloss packaging has an extra protective layer – lamination – for a stylish, shiny look with vibrant colours. Many big-name brands use gloss packaging as a sophisticated, professional packaging option. Gloss provides vivid colours and long-lasting protection, with a shine that reflects light and truly stands out.

What Is Matte Packaging?

Like gloss, matte is a form of lamination used on many packages for a soft, natural look that absorbs light. Matte doesn’t have as much of a shine as gloss, so it’s a bit more subtle with a soft texture. A lot of companies and consumers actually prefer matte packaging because it’s easier to read than gloss packaging, off of which light bounces.

What Is Kraft Packaging?

Kraft packaging is the standard brown paper or cardboard used throughout the packaging industry for decades. It’s made from chemical pulp and is known for its strength, durability, elasticity, and tear resistance, making it great for high-volume shipping. While kraft paper or cardboard is a great affordable option, it’s important to consider how branding components like logos and colours look on this material. Colours appear darker on kraft compared to standard or premium white paper with gloss or matte.

Which Packaging Is Right for You?

When deciding which type of packaging to use, it depends on the product and your main goals. Do you want something cost-effective and simple, like kraft paper? Or do you need a truly eye-catching design with extra shiny gloss? Perhaps something in the middle is right for you – a subtle matte finish that’s stylish and modern. Australian packaging specialists The Packaging People can help you find the perfect material to protect your products and meet your business goals, with beautiful finishes on boxes, cylinders, pouches, tins, bags and more.