Curious about eco-friendly packaging in Australia? Read the latest tips and tricks from The Packaging People, trusted experts in eco-friendly packaging.

Tips & Tricks with Eco-Friendly Packaging

The Packaging People know it’s never been more important to prioritise sustainability and be conscious of the environment. That’s why eco-friendly packaging is in high demand, not only in Australia but around the globe. One common misconception is that you need fully biodegradable and compostable packaging to be kind to the environment. While 100% biodegradable packaging is ideal, there are several key tips and tricks to make the most of eco-friendly packaging, even if it isn’t fully compostable.

Australian REDcycle Depots

First things first, always look for soft plastic recyclable packaging that is accepted at REDcycle depots across Australia. These soft plastic recyclables are repurposed into a wide variety of products including packaging materials, bench sets, and gym equipment. Business owners and consumers alike can appreciate the opportunity to recycle large volumes of packaging.

Reusable Packaging Supplies

Another easy way to invest in more eco-friendly packaging is to look for materials that can be reused. Packaging cylinders or food grade drums from The Packaging People are prime examples. Giving consumers the choice to reuse packaging offers more flexibility and demonstrates a commitment to sustainability that’s so highly sought after in today’s world.

Consider Lightweight Packaging

Modern businesses have a wide range of packaging options, and it’s important to prioritise lightweight packaging as much as possible. It’s all about finding a balance between lightweight packaging and suitable product protection. Keep in mind that lightweight packaging reduces the overall weight and carbon footprint, saving valuable costs and resources.

Reduce Ink

While it’s important to reduce package weight, it’s also beneficial to keep ink to a minimum. By reducing the amount of ink used on your custom printed packaging, you can cut down on unnecessary resources and only use what you really need. After all, ink cartridges can take hundreds, if not thousands, of years to decompose so the less ink needed, the better.

Check Your Suppliers

One final tip for ensuring eco-friendly packaging is to do your research on packaging suppliers. If they provide evidence of eco-friendly certifications and sustainability measures, you can invest in packaging supplies knowing the materials are made with the environment in mind.