Frequently Asked questions

Apr 29, 2021 | Business

By now you would have heard us speak about our new ERP system NetSuite many times. The new system has brought a lot of changes to our business and overall operations, and it has also changed the way our customers receive information, receive their orders and make payment for their orders.

We thought that whilst we are continuing to learn the in’s and out’s of this amazing system, it was important to educate our customers on some things they may not be used to when it comes to ordering with The Packaging People

We have provided some key points below to ensure our customers are making the most of our new system moving forward.

1. When you place an order with The Packaging People you will no longer receive an invoice to make payment. You will receive a Sales Order, which will allow you to make payment for your order. Once payment is made and the products have been despatched, you will receive a tax invoice for your records.

2. MYOB Pay Direct is no longer the payment method customers will use, moving forward customers will receive payment requests from Simply Paid – be sure to keep an eye out for any Simply Paid emails in your inbox to ensure payment is made so your order can be despatched. Sometimes these emails can go into your Junk Mail so keep an eye in there also.

3. Customers need provide THE BEST email address for payment/accounts viewing. As we can no longer accommodate multiple email addresses like we have in the past.