Commonfolk Coffee Company opened their roastery in the back streets of Mornington’s industrial estate in 2013 with the mission to source, roast and brew ethically sourced coffee from their producing partners. Since then, they’ve been busy expanding their venues and inviting other like-minded folk to join their wholesale family. Having been hit hard by COVID, like many within the industry, Commonfolk managed to refocus their energy away from dine in hospitality and more towards supporting their roasting business. Home delivery of coffee beans became a mainstay, as well as resourcing their wholesale partners to best take advantage of the new takeaway only restrictions.

“We actually imported our own packaging direct from China but we found that our smaller volumes and limited ability to ensure quality meant that we struggled to get the results we were after. Although there is a small cost associated with working with a third party [like TPP] it is 100% worth it to know that your needs will be met, and any issues are promptly followed up. The service has been even better than we expected”.

“The print / material quality has been fantastic. When we branched out to ordering our first custom print, we knew what the product would look like but the quality of finished bags well surpassed our expectations. We’ve now broadened our range to multiple bag sizes and are looking forward to expanding our custom print range even further”.

“The Packaging People customer service is phenomenal. The team is friendly, helpful, and just as focused on the quality of the product as much as we are. TPP have worked hard to ensure our design needs are met, while reducing our environmental impact by offering recyclable material. We couldn’t be happier with our experience of working with The Packaging People”.