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Packaging Cylinders – Why Are They Becoming Increasingly Popular?

When it comes to Australian packaging supplies, The Packaging People lead the way, particularly in custom cylinder packaging. Our cardboard cylinder tubes are becoming increasingly popular, and here are a few key reasons why packaging cylinders are the latest bestsellers.

Beautiful Shelf Display

Custom cylinder packaging looks amazing on store shelves as a functional and stylish way to display and protect products. What’s great about cylinder packaging is it can be fully personalised for each product, whether brands want to keep it clean and simple or add numerous details like ingredients, product history, and much more. A cool, contemporary display with complete customisation awaits when investing in Australia’s best packaging cylinders.

Premium Packaging Options

Many businesses are investing in packaging cylinders because they provide a fresh new way to switch up traditional packaging while still protecting products and impressing customers. The leading packaging suppliers offer a range of packing tubes including one and three-piece cylinders that are recyclable and sustainable. One-piece cylinders have a metal plug insert lid for a fully airtight packing solution, although the multi-piece cylinders are super popular too, especially with protective liners. From candy to bath products, décor to accessories, packaging cylinders suit all sorts of products.

Impressive Versatility

Not only does cylinder packaging look good, but it also serves a valuable purpose as it can be reused over and over again. Our eco-friendly custom cylinder packaging includes biodegradable options that benefit the environment and support connections and satisfaction with conscious consumers. Bio cylinders are better for the environment and offer premium protection for all sorts of products without harming our beautiful planet.

Dynamic High-Strength Design

The strength of cylinder packaging is another reason why many businesses big and small choose custom packing tubes from a trusted source. Everyone gets the best of both worlds – companies can protect their products with stylish, eco-friendly packaging and customers can appreciate the sturdy, protective design. Of course, it helps that tubes can be custom printed with a minimum of 3,000 tubes and up to three different designs with specific sizes.