Mar 01

We need your input!

What's one packaging concept we could add to our product lines? Answer this important question, and you stand a chance to win $200 off your next order. Having served customers for over a decade, we are always searching for fresh ways to innovate packaging. Our relentless passion lies in making... read more →
Feb 27
Feb 24

Shave 5% off Stand-Up Pouches!

You need to pay attention to this trend, especially if you are currently storing your products in traditional boxes, bottles, cans, and cartons. Leading brands of food, personal care products, and household items are moving towards flexible retail packaging such as stand-up pouches. Why? - Stand-up pouches are less bulky,... read more →
Feb 21

Back by Popular Demand!

Does your business sell beverages? Good news - When you purchase a box of bags, we will 'gift' you 30% off cups and lids (MOQ of 500 cups and/or 500 lids required). Here's why cafes and their customers love our cups: - The double wall feature creates insulation, allowing beverages... read more →
Jan 29

Packaging Tins

If you are seeking packaging solutions for your products, our sleek packaging tins might just be the answer. They are ideal for food products (e.g., tea, coffee, protein powder and spices) and non-food products (e.g., coins, scrubs and cosmetics). Due to its robust structure, you can stack the tins over... read more →
Jan 26

Custom & Digital Printing

Sticking labels on your products can be time intensive. Not ideal especially when you should be focusing on more high-leveraged tasks such as sales and stock fulfillment. That is why most of our customers opt for printed bags - taking the labour out of the process. Save time with printed... read more →
Jan 24

Ready to kick off 2018?

We have a special bundle awaiting you - Purchase a box of our bags and you’ll get 30% off cups and lids (MOQ of 500 cups and/or 500 lids required). Sign up for your special bundle here. If you are new to our cups, here's what you need to know:... read more →
Jan 22
Nov 27

Hot drinks keep your customers happy

Our cups provide exceptional insulation quality with a vacuum between the layers to keep drinks at temperature for longer. On top of that, the cups are covered with a cool touch surface. This feature provides a comfortable hold while handling hot beverages. Lastly, the cups are 100% compostable, bio-degradable and... read more →
Nov 25

Christmas is coming – are you ready?

It's the time of the year when your customers are itching to buy larger quantities of products for their friends and family. Do you have enough stock to fulfill their needs? Purchase our stock bags to prepare for the busy times ahead!